"Specialty: Detox to Retox!" 


NTS Wine Tasting

"specialty: wine events & wine classes!" 


Stefani Jackenthal is an adventure travel & wine journalist, owner of NTS Wine Tasting LLC and elite endurance athlete who has competed and reported from around the world. 'Detox to Retox!' is Stefani’s lifestyle and journalistic niche - leading custom wine tastings and wine dinners, writing about outdoor activities in wine regions and seeking out sporty, sipping travel destinations. She has contributed to The New York Times, New York Post, Wine Enthusiast, NPR, Outside and beyond. 


About Stefani


Former All American triathlete, nationally ranked road cyclist and international ultrarunning champion, Stefani still pushes her limits in a variety of global endurance events, including cycling and triathlon. She regularly SUPs and surfski kayaks on the Hudson River - and sips wine at local wine bars in NYC.

Known as the "Wine Whisperer", Stefani designs and leads fun, innovative and engaging wine events, teaches wine classes and writes restaurant wine lists.


"My lifestyle is detox to retox.

Athletics keeps me grounded

and clear,

and drinking is the same thing.

It’s not a reward; it’s a pleasure.

People say they’re not drinking

“to be good,”

but I ask: Are you being good

to yourself?"

— Stefani Jackenthal


NTS Wine Tasting


Stefani owns NTS Wine Tasting LLC, a one-stop wine event company. We craft custom, fun and informative wine tastings, dinners and social events in casual or formal settings. It's wine tasting without the attitude!

Wine and food pairing is our specialty. With interactive education and events, we empower wine enthusiast with the tools to decipher the nuances of varietals and blends from global growing regions - and how to pair with fare. We partner with savvy caterers and chocolatierss to craft fun, flavorful and fabulous events.





Stefani specializes in melding active travel, wine and food into her articles. She has contributed to the New York Times, The Huffington Post, New York Post, Wine Enthusiast, Outside, NPR, among others.

Her book Wanderlust Wining is a fun, delicious guide to outdoor activities, wineries and restaurants in wine regions across the USA. Stefani is a frequent on-air storyteller for Travel Channel's "Mysteries at the Monument" and "Mysteries at the Museum" series, airing Friday night at 9:00pm EST and has reported for NPR.

Stefani appears in the movie BLINDSIGHT, while on assignment for NPR, as part of team leading six blind Tibetan teenagers to the 23,000ft peak of Lhakpa Ri in Tibet.